Analytical Services

YieldWise experts help companies transform activity-based data into meaningful, strategic, operational, and tactical information. Our experts help companies reveal the intelligence in this information that allows companies to meet and exceed business needs.

YieldWise develops the analytical platform that provides the foundation for the analytical applications SINTENO AI, A-SCALA AI, and EXOUSIA AI. These applications are intended to revolutionize consumer insights, market research, and the educational, HR, and recruitment industries.

The experts at YieldWise specialize in Nobel Prize-winning science of choice modeling. Choice modeling is the most powerful process for uncovering the factors influencing customers’ choices and how changes to these factors will result in different customer decisions.

By utilizing Relational Bayesian Networks technology, a machine-learning technology that combines Bayesian machine learning with relational data models, YieldWise can model consumers purchasing behavior.

YieldWise technology observes and learns about an individual’s interactions with e-commerce websites and generates targeted real-time predictions and alerts for each consumer, along with relevant product, content, and navigation recommendations. All these maximize revenue opportunities while enhancing and developing long-term consumer relationships.

YieldWise analytical services include also:

  • Data Analysis — YieldWise can help companies make sense of data using sophisticated patent-pending statistical technologies. YieldWise offers unique risk and marketing solutions for many industries, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and utilities.
  • Business Strategy — YieldWise can provide the business knowledge needed to develop better strategies, improve products, and build better, more targeted predictive models, increasing profitability through improved target marketing, customer acquisition, and customer retention.