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  How to Avoid Failure

SAS/Enterprise Miner Deployment

It is obvious, that SAS Enterprise Miner (EM) brings a lot of benefits to data miners, statisticians and data analysts. However, in inexperienced hands, EM may become a dangerous tool.

Check if the following true:

 "Going from raw data to accurate, business-driven data mining models becomes a seamless and efficient process with SAS Enterprise Miner..."

  "Enterprise Miner provides advanced predictive and descriptive modeling tools and algorithms."

  "Model your data by allowing the software to search automatically for a combination of data that reliably predicts a desired outcome."

  "Complex mining techniques are carried out in a totally code-free environment, allowing you to concentrate on the visualization of the data, discovery of new patterns, and new questions to ask."

It's clear we didn't mention here all "dangerous turns", but those that we mentioned - are extremely important for successful deploying of SAS/Enterprise Miner. If you have more to add - send us your comments to publish.

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